Episode 121 – COVID Part 3: Vegan Disaster/Survival Prep (Marguerite Topping, Ryan Banister, TJ Long)

Episode 121
(Air Date: April 5th, 2020)

***NOTE: I originally posted this on April 2nd… but I accidentally made it a PAGE, not a POST… So nobody was able to see the post or listen to it. Sorry about that! I’m fixing that now. Also another episode WAS planned for release today (April 5th) so, yay!!(?) You’re getting two episodes in one day!! BINGE, my little Chickpeas, BINGE!

No matter what else is going on — give yourself that! You survived March of 2020. CHRIST!!!

Okay so… this is a panel interview I recorded on March 25th. I have been wanting to get this out to you all so badly because I’m very excited to bring to you.

In short, when the quarantine began and we all realized everyone else was making a mad dash for the store — I realized I was completely unprepared. That’s when I surrendered to the wisdom of those vegans who made it a point to be ready for such events.

Thankfully, this episode is sponsored by FoodStorageGuys.com!
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Here is a whole miscellany of LINKS:

Useful Apps:

Non-Perishable/Shelf-Stable Food:
Food Storage Guys
– Invest in a WindowFarm or Tower Garden?

Good ideas/practices:
– Get to know your neighbors (create a Facebook group)
– Stock physical books (incase you can’t access the internet)
– LABEL food items with DATE when you get them
– Find a local Community Emergency Response Team (and join for the very useful, free training!)

Edible Wild Plants: A North American Field Guide to Over 200 Natural Foods
Bushman field guide to trapping, cooking in the wild


– Iodine tabs to purify water
– Water filter tablets
– Water storage tanks

Things to keep in a GoBag:
– First Aid Kit & Protective Gear
– Bandages (be like Ben and keep them in your wallet! Stamps, too!)
– Matches
– Tea Lights
– Flint/Rod
– Flashlight/HeadLamp

Your important Data and Papers:
– USB Flash Drive (Important papers, deed to house, insurance, personal documents, advance directive, will, instructions how to take care of your animals, etc.)

When you gotta go:
5-Gallon Bucket Snap-On Toilet Seat Lid

– B-12
– Iodine

Medication Refills:
– You can usually refill your medication every 24 days (not every 30 days) and still get a 30-day supply! This way you can set aside several extra pills per month in case of an emergency!

Dino Sarma:
– Remember his tips for proper food storage (we discuss these in the podcast at 1:54:00)
– His awesome cookbook, Alternative Vegan
– And his blog of the same name


Marguerite Topping has been a vegetarian since 1984, and a vegan since 2001. She resides in Indianapolis, IN and is the Deputy Chief in charge of Center Township for Marion County Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), a volunteer agency supervised by Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department and Indiana Homeland Security. In Los Angeles, Marguerite became a trained animal disaster shelter volunteer in 2006, and deployed throughout California and other parts of the USA to assist with caring for animals of residents evacuated due to fires, floods and hurricanes. In 2008, she trained as a Community Emergency Response Team member with the Los Angeles Fire Department. She joined the elite CERT-LA Call-Out Team with further advanced training and credentials in emergency medical response, vehicle operation, and leadership. Her ham radio call sign is KD9KBQ. Marguerite recommends that there is nothing like maintaining good health while preparing before a disaster to help keep one calm DURING a disaster.

Ryan G Banister is a former writer for Survivalist Magazine

TJ Long is a teacher, personal trainer, and nature enthusiast. Started learning about outdoor survival skills over a decade ago and more recently began researching primitive skills, prepping, and homesteading.


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