Episode 128 – COVID & Vaccines (Dr. Priyumvada Naik)

Episode 128
(Air Date: February 12th, 2021)

So I recorded this interview almost 6 weeks ago. Dr. Priyumvada Naik joined me on a live broadcast to answer some questions from viewers about COVID, the latest updates and safety protocols, and the vaccines which are finally available.

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HEADS UP: This wasn’t recorded as a normal audio episode. It was a Zoom. Why did that make me think “Ah, I’ll just use my laptop’s built-in microphone?” I know better. I didn’t even think to turn off the air, so every now and then you’ll hear the heat kick in and it just makes it that much harder to hear. Plus the first 15 minutes, Dr. Naik’s microphone wasn’t working too well, so we switched to another mic. So just keep that in mind as you’re listening, at the 29:24 mark, the audio will suddenly get so much better. So hang in there, because this episode is packed with need-to-know information! Please take it in, and please share it with others!

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Dr. Priyumvada Mohan Naik is a triple board-certified physician in pulmonary medicine, critical care medicine, and lifestyle medicine. She has additional training and expertise in lung transplantation, *ECMO, interstitial lung disease, genetic lung disease, immunology, and nutrition.

She attended Duke University, followed by medical school at The Medical College of Georgia. She did her internal medicine residency, and pulmonary and critical care fellowships at Emory University, the last two years of which she was the lung transplant fellow. She then spent time in Sydney, Australia, doing a transplant and *ECMO fellowship before returning to the US to practice as a transplant pulmonologist in Phoenix, at what is now the largest lung transplant center in the world.

She has published in the fields of internal medicine, lung transplantation, and organ donor management, having been the only fellow on the Society for Critical Care Medicine/American College of Chest Physicians consensus committee to craft guidelines on ICU management of the brain dead donor. She continues to work with local organizations to improve donor procurement rates to decrease recipient waitlist times and deaths.

In the intervening years, she has founded an advanced lung disease program, co-founded a lung cancer screening program, and served as medical director for an intensive care unit.

She has been vegan for nearly 9 years, and has been studying nutrition and lifestyle changes as it relates to chronic disease ever since. Going vegan inspired her to change her career trajectory, and she uses her expertise to help people control and even reverse chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, rheumatologic conditions, inflammatory bowel disease, and more.

One of the most rewarding things for Dr. Naik is seeing a patient with multiple chronic diseases who, with her guidance, is empowered to change their health and their quality of life. Her work in Lifestyle Medicine often produces results just as dramatic as her work in the fields of Critical Care and Transplantation. She also loves teaching her colleagues and the next generation of doctors how to prescribe plants over pills, and how to reverse disease instead of simply managing it.

She hopes one day to only need to see people for genetic and other lung diseases because we have eliminated chronic lifestyle-related ailments.

She can be found on Instagram: @_thevegdoc
and on Twitter as:

*ECMO is pronounced ek-moh. It’s basically putting people on cardiopulmonary bypass for severe lung, heart, or heart and lung disease. (Doing the job of the heart and lungs outside the body).


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