Episode 28 – Our Summer Fundraiser!


Episode 28
(Air Date: August 2, 2013)

Welcome to our summer fundraising show!

You can support us the following ways:
–  Donate your account!
–  Shop at Vegan Cuts!
–  Sign up for the Vegan Cuts Snack Box OR Beauty Box!
–  Make a one time donation!

–  Become a member!
Members receive all August fundraising promotions as well as the following perks…

$5/month OR $50/year
Access to secret shows! Laura farts! Ben curses! We fight sometimes!

$10/month OR $100/year
Big Fat Vegan Movie Night! Laura and Ben do Mystery Science 3000 style commentary over horrible horrible movies

$25/month OR $250/year
Video Hangouts! Get to chat live with Ben and Laura via Google+ once in a while! They are usually in they’re pajamas and discussing RuPaul’s Drag Race. Hello! Worth it.

$50/month OR $500/year
Enter social media matrimony with the queen herself, Honey LaBronx. The Vegan Drag Queen will tell the whole world (or at least everyone on Facebook) that you are her one and only!

$100/month OR $1000/year
All perks previously mentioned AND you become an official sponsor of the show and will be named on each episode you helped produce.

Thank you for all your amazing emails! Please drop us a line, we love to hear from YOU!

– CALL US: (315) VEGAN-01, that’s 315-834-2601
– EMAIL US: bigfatveganradio@gmail.com
– TWEET US: @BigFatVegans, @LaraYaz, @HoneyLaBronx
– YOUTUBE US: Youtube.com/BigFatVeganRadio
– FACEBOOK US: “Big Fat Vegan Radio” on Facebook

And a Big Fat Vegan THANKS to our August fundraiser sponsors:
–  Herbivore Clothing Company
–  Grape Cat
–  Obsessive Confection Disorder
–  Victoria Moran for her book Main Street Vegan
–  Brian Patton for his book The Sexy Vegan: Happy Hour at Home

10% of all donations will go to our friends at Animal Place

Thank you so much you Big Fat Vegan donors you, we can’t do this without you!!!

Longzijun for our Commercial Music!


Theme song by: Michael Harren
Art and logo by: Kelly Huffine

And a HUGE thank you to our official sponsor,
Sunshine Villa!  (We couldn’t do this without you, Sunshine!!!)



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